What is the blues?

Blues is, alongside such musical genres as an early jazz or hip-hop, one of the most influential contribution to world music experience of African Americans.This term was first used by George Coleman in 1798 in a one-act farce.From this point often in many literary works began to use the phrase Blue Devils for the transmission of depressed mood hero.Blues emerged from several of its manifestations, such as workers' song, rhythmic cries that accompanied the work in the field (Holler), cries of ritual cults of African religion, Christian hymn (spirituals), short stories poetry (ballads) and Shanti.

Blues had a significant influence on modern pop music, especially on such genres as soul, rock and roll, jazz and pop.The predominant form of blues considered twelve cycles, the first four
of which are played using the tonic harmony, two - subdominant and tonic, two - the dominant and tonic.This alternation in the world known as the Blues net.Metric foundation in the blues is a four by four.A characteristic feature of the blues - the use of blues harmony, which include reduced level, that is blues music.In many cases, the blues songs are constructed as a question and answer that are expressed in the lyrical content, built on dialogue between different musical instruments.Blues - a form of improvisational music genre.The blues used only the basic framework.He beat the basic tools.The theme of the blues has long been considered a social component sensual life of African Americans, their difficulties and obstacles that arise in life.

When there was the blues?

Blues was born in the Southeast United States on plantations "Cotton Belt".The origins of the blues have their origin in the early days of the slave system in the Americas.At the time, began to import labor from Africa.The slaves worked on plantations were farmers and staff.They carried out the dirty work.The complexities of life in African Americans poured into the work of ethnic genres.The greatest impetus for the emergence of the blues was the abolition of slavery in the United States in 1863.All this became the origins of the modern blues.Blues became as it were the quintessence of Western culture and the progress of African popular culture.