Learn TV show discussion format.An example of this type of transmission can be a work of Alexander Gordon, who perfectly knows how to keep the passions and the brightness of the conversation.His show "Private show" and "Gordonkihot" worth seeing any ongoing discussions and pay attention on the techniques used to maintain the dispute.
Plan course of the conversation.Of course, the main advantage of the debate - is an organic development.However, the problem is that lead to avoid giving too participants leave the side and push them to the desired clip.For example, talking about the movie should start with a general feeling (which is guaranteed to cause controversy, if the picture deserves it), but it is worth the time to stop and switch the
conversation on inter alia - the subtext, camera work, acting.
Be impartial.You, as a leader, depriving yourself of the main right - to express opinion.Putting some problem, you have to listen to other people, to speak out and give them something their bumps but not to take one side or another.If you still want to speak, it is better to do it in the final debate, summing up - if you do it in the beginning, it will automatically affect the opinion of participants in the discussion.
provoked.On your shoulders directly responsible for how the conversation will be emotional.The most difficult part of the skill of the master is the ability to subtly provoke the parties to the dispute.For example, if you see that accidentally thrown replica of one of the speakers causes a storm of emotions, you immediately need to extend the statement, a reasoned opinion.At the same time, an important skill is the ability to converse - lower passions, with no one forcibly silencing.Discussion lose all meaning if you do not give the participants to talk, but not to give them too far too important.