One of the most famous composers of Italy is Vincenzo Bellini.From the very childhood the future composer hit surrounding his musical talent.A significant role in the works of Bellini, played a close collaboration with the poet Romney, who was an opera maestro.Their professional tandem proved to be quite fruitful.Thanks to the efforts of two geniuses of the world heard natural and light vocal works, which are still admired by many opera critics.
All music by Vincenzo Bellini, full of inner lyricism and stunning musical harmony that is remembered, even far from the music to the people.Curiously, Bellini has n
ever favored the traditional genre of Italian opera buffa, filling their inner drama works.From a professional point of view, his works are far from ideal, but for melody and adaptation to the possibilities of the human voice, so, for the harmony of his creations have earned the love of Gaia IV, Shevchenko, Chopin, T. Granovsky, NV Stankevich.
Throughout his career Bellini was able to write eleven operas.Contemporaries noted that, despite the undoubted talent, each piece was born in pain and takes a lot of the maestro.
In 1825, work was written - "Adelson and Salvini," after which came a year later creation - "Byanka and Dzhernando."Then in 1827 there was a creative work called "Pirate".In the first month of the appearance of the work on the stage, it passed 15 times.And each time the opera is gaining success with the audience, who attended every performance.Two years later saw the light two works - "Stranger" and "Zaire."Curiously, the premiere of the opera "Zaire", which was held in Parma the theater, could not cause the admiration of the audience and was a real failure.Most of the audience had not heard in the work of the music maestro, it seemed to them that it is filled with only feelings.Critical opinion so frustrated composer, he decided to leave the scene, not only theater, but also the city where she was ...
However, Bellini has not ceased to write, and in 1830was born there were two truly unique work of "Ernani" and "Montagues and Capulets", the latter was first introduced to the public in demanding Venetian Teatro La Fenice.Find a suitable voice for architecture to fulfill the party turned to the young Romeo Bellini is not easy, so the scene in the form of a youth appeared Giuditta Grisi with beautiful mezzo-soprano.Execution Grisi still considered perhaps the reference.
most popular opera maestro "Norma" and the birth of the next "Somnabula" were created in 1831.Bellini just loved the "norm", but it is really good considering his work.It is often said that a shipwreck or a flood happen, you need to save only the "norm."Each of the arias of the opera is a complete and fully independent product that is different characteristic melody composer.
A year later came the creation of the composer's "Beatrice de Tenda," and put an end to the works of musical picture "The Puritans", created in 1885.These materials do not give pleasure Bellini, as he wrote in his memoirs.He tried to repeat the inner harmony of the "norm", but seemed exacting taste, it was not, it was not so.
Of course, if you take a quantitative indicator of works by Bellini is inferior to many composers, but as a musical material, few can compare with the Italian maestro.All of the above are true Bellini opera masterpieces that could ever go into musical art.