Maltese Christ

author of the famous statue of the Maltese - Alfred Camilleri Cauchy.The sculpture was made by order of the local divers in honor of the first visit to the island by Pope John Paul II.It is said that the idea of ​​a stone figure of Jesus Christ belonged to Jacques Yves Cousteau, who has lost in the region for the first research vessel.The cost of this work of art was about 1,000 Maltese lira.

sculptures weight is 13 tons.Standing at the bottom of Jesus stretches out his hands to light, asking the Eternal blessing for everyone who resides in the depths.The original statue was sunk in 1990 near the island of St. Paul.Soon, however, a gigantic sculpture changed its location.Because fish farms built near
the water quality began to deteriorate, and the divers become less willing to go to these places.In 2000, stone, Jesus Christ has been raised by crane and moved to a more convenient place, located 2 kilometers from the coast.

Italian sculpture

Another statue of Jesus Christ is not far from the Italian coast, from the promontory of Portofino.It was installed in 1954.During this time the dive at Cape carried more than 2 million divers.The region is extremely clean and clear water, and a sculpture of the Savior perfectly visible to those who scuba dive.The bay, which is located at the bottom point of interest, since ancient times belongs founded in the 5th century abbey of San Fruttuoso.

Italian statue is relatively small: its height - about 2.5 meters.He created a work of art by master Guido Gallet idea filed diver Dulio Markant.A diver spent under water very long time meditating there and once came to the conclusion that the underwater world is also to be consecrated by the presence of the image of God.The place was not chosen by chance: it is in the bay of San Fruttuoso best friend died Dulio Markant, Dario Gonzatti.

bronze statue

One of the bronze statues sank to the bottom in 1961.It happened in the Caribbean, in the harbor of the island of Grenada, St. George's Bay.Cast in bronze Christ decided to establish the memory of the sailors in the ship, and a burning drowned in this place.Now the bronze Son of God raises from the bottom of the Gulf of prayers for the dead and alive sailors, fishermen and all those involved in the sea.

have their bronze statue, and in America, in Florida.The peculiarity of the sculpture is that it is submerged at little depth, only eight meters.Before this statue is easy to get new divers, sometimes even at the foot of the sculpture arranged wedding.Bronze Savior is surrounded by colorful fish and coral, delighting the hearts of all who have jumped into the deep Christian believers.