musical history

Musical grew out of mixing the plurality of light entertainment genres - from variety shows to ballet.The first musical «Black Crook» was staged in New York back in 1866.It is a mixture of ballet, melodrama, comedy and operetta.It is this idea was the basis of a new, unusual genre.Musical comedy, gained popularity later, continued the idea of ​​«Black Crook», however, they come to the fore current musical tunes performed by famous actors and the plot was optional, almost secondary element.

It has since saved in musicals most relevant and popular musical movements and themes specific to the time of their writing.Genre musical comedy is growing rapidly, and it began to address known and talented composers.In collaboration with the honored poet
s and writers to create complete stories are clothed in an easy and understandable viewer musical form.For a long time, all musicals are made exclusively in the United States and Britain, but in 1985, thundered "Les Miserables", which became the first French musical.In fact, they were the impetus for the writing of many other French, Austrian, German and Hungarian works.

most famous musicals

list of the most famous works in the genre of the musical undoubtedly headed "My Fair Lady."The libretto of the musical was created by Alan Lerner based on Bernard Shaw's play "Pygmalion."He wrote the music for the musical Frederick Loewe.The plot of the musical follows the overall plot of the play.It tells how the famous professor of phonetics concluded with his other disputes that can turn an ordinary flower girl into a sophisticated young lady.Professor won the argument, but it led to unexpected consequences.The premiere of "My Fair Lady" on Broadway was held in 1956.Presentation was a wild success, tickets bought for half a year.A few years later for the film "My Fair Lady," which starred Audrey Hepburn unique. There studio album Jesus Christ Super Star.On this recording, all roles are played by outstanding rock vocalists of his time.

On the basis of the "Berlin Stories" by Christopher Isherwood was a unique musical "Cabaret."In "Cabaret" we are talking about a young American writer, who was in Berlin in the early thirties, where he fell in love with the singer of cabaret.Their romance appeared unusual and very bright.But when the writer is about to move to Paris, lover refuses to follow him.Along the way theater is filled with people with swastikas on their sleeves.The music created by John Kander and the words - Fred Ebb."Cabaret" was first shown on Broadway in 1966.Later, it was filmed become legendary film with Liza Minnelli. In the movie "My Fair Lady" instead of Audrey Hepburn sings the singer Marni Nixon professional.

scandalous and the famous musical "Jesus Christ - Superstar" was created by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rayom.Initially, they were going to create an opera that uses modern musical means, but it is quite traditional.But getting the rock opera, which is entirely absent dramatic elements, and all the action is based on recitatives and vocals.The texts of the arias is used quite modern languages ​​and the aria stylized work of famous rock groups.The musical tells of the last week of Jesus' life.In fact, the protagonist of the musical is disappointed Judas Iscariot.The premiere of the musical took place in 1971 on Broadway.