Life Albina Dzhanabaeva

Currently Albina brings the nine-year son and is waiting for the child.The father of her children is Valery Meladze.On a soloist of the novel long been rumored, but a couple of them denied.At the time, Valery married and raised three daughters.But it is now pointless to hide something, because Albin in the state, and allow the second mistake and not be with any woman and children, the singer could not. Valery Meladze officially divorced his wife to live with Albina, and not give cause for gossip.

Shooting for magazines

Albina - glamorous woman fascinates men with his eyes, a beautiful body and a radiant smile.That is why the singer was often invited to shoot for men's magazines.In 2007, a photo session for the cover of Playboy.Albina was captured in his underwear.Photos were very bright, emotionally sa
turated.One beautiful body is not enough for high-quality photo shoot, important flow, the look and the ability to communicate emotions through the camera lens.A similar survey was repeated a year later.

In 2011, the singer decided to shoot for the magazine XXL.Photo session was organized for all participants of the group Viagra.Girls very organic look together.At this time, Albina has also decided not to strip completely, it remains transparent, revealing outfits.Initially, producer groups pursued the aim - namely to draw attention of the male audience to their offspring, so all of the soloist is always on the stage serve as sexual seductress.Racy photos in magazines further reinforce interest in the group and each girl separately.

In 2005, 2007 and 2010 reptiles Albina shot for the magazine Maxim.She was captured in a very explicit poses and a bikini.Fans of the singer felt that this was one of the most successful singers of shooting almost naked.

Albin managed to withdraw without underwear in the movie.She got the role in the movie "Betrayal" Cyril Serebryannikova.Fans were able to see completely naked breasts of the singer, and to see from her figure. After watching the film with the participation of the singer becomes clear why so many Albina male fans.

Albina Dzhanabaeva - successful, popular, loving woman.In June, 2014 will be the mother of two children.All she had turned out well, and career and personal life.Surely, even after birth the singer dares to naughty photo shoots for fashion magazines than surely please its fans.