picture with the wrapper

course, there are pictures that are remembered in the first place at the mention of the Tretyakov Gallery.That kind of symbol of the museum was the painting "Morning in a Pine Forest", written in 1889 by Ivan Shishkin and Konstantin Savitsky.Pavel Tretyakov, bought a picture of the two signatures on the picture left only the signature of Shishkin.However, the famous bear cubs on a fallen tree was painted by K. Savitsky.

popularity of this pattern is explained quite simply - a reproduction of it, but with the three bears, instead of four, served as wrappers for the famous chocolates "Bruin Bear."Let th
e Tretyakov Gallery were not everything, but all ate candy.

Russian fairy tales

Another image, familiar to us from childhood - three knights on horseback in the midst of powerful wide field.Painting brush Vasnetsov called "Heroes" and brings to mind the Russian folk tales and epics.On the wall adjacent to the heroes sad over the dark water no less famous "Alenka".
in the hall with portraits if you get a lesson of literature - Pushkin brush out Orest Kiprensky, here cleverly narrowed Gogol, Leo Tolstoy, but with a gray beard.


To demonstrate the grand canvas AAIvanov "The Appearance of Christ to the people" was built a building of the museum, where the picture takes up the entire second floor."The phenomenon of" striking dimensions (five to seven meters) and the history of the long 20 years.In this hall visitors linger for a long time to sit on the couch and consider carefully the huge picture.

Pages of history

Ilya Repin's painting, known as "Ivan the Terrible kills his son," is actually called "Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan on November 16, 1581".The story of her stay in the museum, too, noted the ominous events.During the reign of Alexander III banned painting exhibit.After the ban was lifted January 16, 1913 a vandal with a knife slashed the face of Ivan the Terrible, and the keeper of the Tretyakov Gallery EM Khruslov found out about it, threw himself under a train.Art restorers had to re-recreate the face of the king.
most famous Russian icon - "Trinity" Andrei Rublev - is also located in the State Tretyakov Gallery.

rebellious spirit

Hero works Lermontov painter M. Vrubel was captured in 1890 in the painting "Seated Demon."The very texture of the painting, where paint is not applied with a brush, a knife, a restless soul says the demon, staring sadly into the sunset.