History tool

prototype of the modern tuba - the result of joint work of two German inventors: Vipriha and Mopriha.He appeared in the first half of the XIX century, had a rough voice, and proved to be too unwieldy.The tool is not qualitatively different sound and was doomed to failure.Masters decided to leave this option and started to look for something better.As it turned out, it was their fatal mistake.

Abandoned experiment drew Adolphe Sax, identify the root cause field to extract audio.As it turned out, was originally selected menzurnoe ratio was not quite true.Some time later, Sachs failed to correct the identified deficiencies, improve the design and to create a musical instrument with a perfect sound - tube.Since then and to this day, this tool has not undergone any major changes.

Features tubes

Modern tubes have two varieties: a concert instrument and suzofon.They differ in their design and intended use.

concert tuba - stationary instrument for playing in a standing position (hung on a strap) or sitting (based on one knee).This tube is the most widely used is the classic version.

On the constructive side, concert tuba - an instrument with four gates, three of which reduce Register a semitone, tone and half tone, respectively, and the fourth working directly with all of the scale and reduces it to a quart.Last gate and pressed the little finger is used only in extreme cases when there is a need to reproduce a few notes at a time.Some models are endowed with a fifth valve, called a correction.Its main purpose - lower register to the D-tones.

Suzofon - portable design that fits musician neck.In this case, the bell, sounding, is located above the head of the performer.This type of tool allows you to play on the move, so often used in marching bands.

Tuba any design consumes a significant amount of air (mostly in lower case).For this reason, for more melodic and smooth sound using irregular breathing.Every musician who has chosen this tool should have a well-developed lungs and adequate physical preparation.

Tuba does not apply to transported musical instruments, as it has a large enough.Thus, for example, its length is greater than the length of the trombone almost doubled.This, as well as a number of other features that made it not very popular among contemporary musicians, but interest in the tube gradually begins to increase.In recent years, students are ready to learn the game on this instrument, it became much more.