you need
  • - Phone
  • - camera (or friends with the camera)
  • - recording devices
  • - Light
  • - Tripod
  • - Computer
Creating ideas and determine the scope of the search team

First you need to define the idea of ​​the film.What will be your new film?Then you need to answer the question: Who will it be removed?Who will be in the crew?Where is the recording?
You need to call all of their friends actors, sound designers, writers, editors, cameramen, artists (if no such people, then find someone who has the ability to one of these professions) to tell them about your idea and invite them to participate in your project.You can also hire someone for money.
Create a list of people who agreed to participate.

Scripting and budgeting

Now, when you are involved a lot of people have on their shoulders a great responsibility for the further future of the project.You need a good script.You can do this yourself, if you have the skills, or give a chance to do it professional.The main thing that the script was compiled carefully and comprehensible actor and director (There are also special programs for scripting)

Then make the film's budget.Specify all the costs that are planned in the project: rent of equipment (lighting, sound, camera), transportation of your crew, food, etc.
Important!Even if you shoot a movie with no cost, you will still need to provide food and transport your entire group.First, that they were all the time with you and not slow shooting, secondly, that they had a desire to take part in your future projects.

When you know what characters you need to shoot.You need to choose the appropriate actors.Casting is best carried 2 people (male and female) to the selection of actors was as objective as possible.At the end of casting always take a phone number.Even if the actor did not come to this movie, he or she can be useful to you for the next.

Make a storyboard of all the scenes you wish to stay.Make magazine surveys - the date of filming specific scenes to reduce the cost of transport and that the actors could make your own schedule as they can at the same time acting in another movie.Use the best equipment of sound and light, which can afford.This will allow your picture to look professional.Always shoot with a tripod, if it is an amateur camera, her weight is small and therefore there are many unwanted shaking that makes the film an amateur.
Terminate the last day of shooting a small party as gratitude for the work of all the team members.

Now turn your film into a finished product: glue together the desired scene, remove unnecessary, add the dialogues, noises and of course the soundtrack.It will set the basic tone of the whole film so it is necessary to pay special attention.
now translate the film in the format you need

film is ready and it can be shown to the audience.You can put on Youtube, Vimeo.In addition, you can apply to participate in festivals, which may be found on the Internet, here is one example of a systematic search for the site of festivals: