you need
  • - passport;
  • - targeted piece of departure;
  • - military card.
Upon arrival at the new permanent or temporary place of residence, before the procedure of registration at the place of residence or domicile, contact military Commissioner or the district administration, if the recruitment office in the villageabsent.
your passport, military ticket.Also, you will need to address a piece of departure from the former place of residence.If you have moved to a permanent place of residence, military ticket should be note of withdrawal from records and military commissariat at the former place of residence.
case of temporary relocation noti
fy the military commissariat of your temporary absence and inform your email provisional registration.This applies to people of military age military service and citizens who for late registration statement on and leaving without notifying the military commissariat are subject to administrative penalty or administrative liability.
If the departure of the temporary residence you do not know the exact address of where you are going to temporarily register, inform the Commissioner accurate data for two weeks from the date of departure.It is not considered a violation and is not subject to an administrative fine or penalty.
removed from the registration records and on permanent residence is not necessary.Temporary registration made without departure and leaf stamp in the passport of the statement that is not an excuse for military staging account .
If, after notice of the Military Commissariat of the relocation have refused to withdraw from the military account and you have the right to appeal the action as provided by law.Such situations occur during the call and are completely illegal, since according to the law, any individual has the right to freedom of movement and change of residence.