State has provided a number of measures of social support for war veterans.Persons with such a status, and I believe it benefits defined by law "On Veterans» №5-FZ of 12.01.1995 year.It covers many areas of life of those who fought in the hot spots, and to defend the fatherland.Assistance is provided by the federal and regional budgets.

from the federal budget, in particular, made a monthly cash payment.


there for all veterans benefits to pay 50% of the living space occupied by the (maintenance).It is given and family, regardless of the type of housing.And for those who have become disabled due to injury, contusion or injured in the performance of military duties, extends benefits to pay 50% of utilities.As for the family members, it is also a veteran.

combat veterans are provided with housing.Those who got registered befor
e 1 January 2005, in accordance with Article 23.2 of the Law "On Veterans", after 1 January 2005 - in accordance with the housing legislation of the Russian Federation.

Veterans have an advantage when entering the housing, garage cooperatives, gardening and country associations.


state care and the health of veterans.They were preserved in departmental service clinics and other medical facilities to which veterans were attached to retirement.They primarily provide free medical care in the federal health care.Combat veterans are provided with free prosthetic devices (other than dental) and orthopedic products.


veterans have the opportunity to study, get a free education.They may come out of the competition in the state educational institutions of higher and secondary vocational education.Students, veterans paid special scholarship.You can be trained in refresher courses and retraining.Study in this case, paid by the employer.

combat veterans are actively involved in public life, creating associations and veteran organizations.The law gives them the right to pre-emptive use of cultural, sports and health institutions.

In regions provided additional measures of social support for war veterans.Information about them can be obtained in the territorial administration of social welfare office.