history and change the composition of the group

«Aria" is rooted in the youth of its future members when they were students at the Moscow Energy Institute.Trial team, create the future musicians of "Aria", lived long and was soon disintegrated.When, finally, Vladimir and Alik Granovsky Holstinin under the guidance of Victor Vekshteyna formed their own team, to lure Kipelova, Lviv and Pokrovsky, and recorded their first studio album "Megalomania" in 1985, then was born the legendary band.

Later in the "Aria" came Bolshakov, Molchanov and replaced Lvov on drums.The first time, the group conducted several clandestine lifestyle, but since 1986, begin active touring and recording a new album, "Who are you?" In the current.The group is gaining popularity, con
quering the press and radio.

By next year, the newly changed.Rows of "Aryans" replenish Vitaly Dubinin and Maxim deleted - a new drummer.Also comes Mavrin.The band recorded a vinyl record "Hero of asphalt".

In 1988 he made the first shooting of the clip "Aria", the song "Streets of roses."Before you record the next album, the band went to large-scale foreign tours to Germany and Bulgaria.Exacerbated the conflict within the team due to dissatisfaction with the policy of musicians Victor Vekshteyna.As a result, the group is forced to part with his manager.As part of the "Aria" also converts and their fourth album command writes a new drummer - Alexander Manyakin.

Dubinin and Mavrin go to Germany for a few months, and this time the band successfully toured with session musicians.Later, the result of hard work "Aryans" are famous album, "Blood for Blood" in 1991, then - "Night of short day" in 1993.

1994 marked for the "Aria" a major contract with Moroz Records.Reissued albums of old.In 1996 it released their first live album "Aria".

Next year the musicians involved in solo projects.In 1998, the Group once again going to write another record - "Generator of evil."In 1999, the team writes best ballads and covers in a single book "2000 and One Nights."

beginning of the new century, "Aria" meets the new album, "Chimera", 2001, and the first performance at the festival "Invasion".Valery Kipelov leaves the group with Mavrin and Manyakin.Further work is done as follows: Dubinin, Holstinin, Berkut, remove and Popov.

By 2006, the "Aria" is gaining popularity, releasing singles and giving numerous concerts.It turns out the next album - "Armageddon."

In 2008, for large-scale tour, dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the album "Hero of asphalt", combined with the team and Mavrin Kipelov.It was a momentous event for both groups.In 2010, "Aria" gives a lot of big concerts in different cities of Russia.

In 2011, the group joins a new singer who was Mikhail wheatgrass.Thus the composition of the band recorded their eleventh album - "Phoenix", still exist to this day, delighting his fans.

contribution to the development of Russian rock music

«Aria" - a unique group, numbering a long history.The group is among the ten most popular Russian rock groups.She has made a considerable contribution to the development of the musical direction of heavy metal music in its traditional English manner.

Former members of the band have created their own musical projects and successfully engaged in the work of a similar direction.It groups such as: "Kipelov", "Mavrin", "Master", "Arthur Golden Eagle" and "artery".