stroitelsvo temple began with the fact that Japan attacked various disasters and epidemics in the VIII century.Strong winds tore roofs from houses, the rains flooded crops.The cold and hunger of the disease appeared, that people began to suffer.It was necessary to urgently call for help good strength.

In 743 Emperor Shomu, the Japanese issued a decree according to which the residents of the city should build a statue of Buddha and ask for his protection.All the Japanese were ready to carry out the decree of their emperor.They believed that the Buddha will help them.

As later reported in the chronicles, more than 2 million people took part in the construction of a statue of Buddha and pagodas around it.The artist and sculptor Kuninaka-but-Muradzi Kimim

aro created the project 15-meter giant.We decided to make a statue of bronze, which were collected throughout Japan and even China.The sculpture was cast in parts and then joined.

With an increase in the size of grew Buddha and the temple under construction.In 745, the construction was completed.The temple reaches a height of almost 100 meters.It is assumed that at that time it was the tallest wooden building in the world.However, bronze Buddha being finished another 6 years.Finally he was ready.His stroitelsvo took 500 tons of bronze.It was established on a pedestal height of 20 meters.

People came to the temple to pray to Buddha, brought him gifts, and sought help.Elements subsided, but the country was nearly empty bronze.

Japanese today pray to Buddha, asking him for help and protection.Giant Buddha has not changed, it cleaned once a year.The very same temple has become much lower.In 1799, the top of it was dismantled.They say that the reason for that was an earthquake.Now the height of the temple is about 50 meters.

Today around Todai-ji Temple is a beautiful green park where deer roam freely, which are considered sacred animals.They with the grandeur and tranquility looks Buddha brought to this earth, according to the Japanese Buddhists, peace and grace.