ancient comedy genre

can say that in general sitcom - very old genre.Even the ancient Greeks and Romans also wrote stage plays, in which the effect of comedy based on improbable coincidences and assumptions.Sitka in the modern sense originated in the twenties of the twentieth century on the radio.In the mid-twenties in Chicago aired the show Sam & amp; Harry, which was based on a series of humorous comics.After a couple of years, CBS radio sitcom launched Amos & amp;Andy, who was recognized as one of the best sitcoms twenties and thirties.The term sitcom appeared only in the early fifties, thanks to a wonderful show I love Lucy.In this show we are talking about a young and beautiful, but absolutely mediocre housewife who does not like to sit around, so she was trying to break into show business, start a business and so
on.Bright charismatic characters and funny plot moves made this show one of the most popular in the twentieth century.

formation and changes in standards sitcoms

traditional long series of sitcom - thirty minutes (including commercials and eight minutes, twenty-two actual show).Constant characters almost never change, within the same series storyline starts and ends well, and in most cases in the subsequent series of previous events on what does not affect and are not even mentioned.Shooting-budget sitcoms are conducted before a live audience (the first time was used in the I love Lucy), this circumstance "responsible" for a laugh.Sitcom with limited budgets often take the laughter after the fact by adding the recorded laughter.Modern sitcoms often refuse this laughter, "allowing" the audience to choose for themselves funny moments and adequately respond to them.The most striking example of such an "intelligent" approach is the series Scrubs or "clinic".This series in the comic vein shows the state hospital interns life in America.Along the way, the authors of this series involve serious ethical issues.

Typical plots sitcom based on the behavior of the characters in an unusual situation for them.Funny Lucy of I love Lucy looked ridiculous in most situations and acted the least logical way that has earned it such a success.Contrast characters mimicking social norms, grotesque - all this formed the basis for the creation of an impressive number of comedy series.