In general, any type of social advertising aimed at drawing attention to the problems of society - is what unites this type of communication.We can say that it promotes the right to conscientious citizens attitudes.It puts emphasis on disadvantaged moments, encouraging people to think and change something in the situation.
Types of social advertising depend on the theme that it raises.The latest and most common of them - the fight against drugs and alcoholism.The allegorical or literally in circulation describes the terrible consequences of alcohol and drug abuse, which should cause people to abandon these pernicious habits.
Environment - as one of the "urgent" so it affects even children in their school work.As a rule, public service ads on thi
s subject - the most meaningful: it tells the story of how the little things that people usually do not notice, can improve or worsen the ecological situation in the country and the world.She partially opens new directions in ecology: the separate collection of waste, recycling of used batteries and so on. D.
Another type of informative social advertising - promotion of respect for traffic rules.Most often, in this case, the target audience is children: a fabulous and cartoon characters telling them how to behave on the road, and what happens if these rules are not followed.However, the sad statistics of accidents makes the actual and PSAs SDA for adults: it focuses on the most common and dangerous errors of drivers - behavior at railroad tracks, riding in a state of intoxication, neglect of child seats, and so on. D.
Promoting healthy lives - is to attract people's attention to the sport.As a rule, the conviction as "models" Beautiful, athletic and well-built men.The desire to become as strong and graceful to convince people to do with their health, and sports.
orphanages, the elderly - at least part of the object of social advertising.Successful people are calling not to forget old times their parents, explain that a child from the orphanage can be family and make you happy.That is urging citizens to pay attention to those members of society who need support: come to the children's homes and nursing homes, "a visit" to talk to those who suffer from loneliness.
Also relevant is the advertising, calling to refuse abortion: as a rule, it "promotes" the happiness that will bring the child's birth.
Animals also become objects of social advertising: moving pictures with pets call that to protect our younger brothers, do not throw them, to give shelter and help the homeless animals.