Technique petroglyphs

first drawings were carried out in the simplest way - they were applied with your fingers, twigs or bones of soft clay surface.On the walls of the caves was carried straight or wavy parallel lines.Modern researchers call them "macaroni."Among the most ancient images of the prints can be attributed to a human hand with fingers spread wide, circled outline.

to perform monumental images on the rocky surface of the painter enjoyed the large stone cutters.Later, worked through the outlines have become more subtle.Sometimes you can find rock art combined technique of painting and engraving.

Some parts of images shaded colors.Most often primitive artists used mineral pigments of yellow, r
ed, brown and white colors.The black color was prepared by using charcoal.

most common plot petroglyphs were standing alone images of large animals: bison, bison, horses, deer and rhinos.As a rule, they were considered patrons of the tribe, and at the same time, hunted by providing human food and clothing.Often these paintings were made life-size, showing excellent knowledge of the structural features of an artist of the animal.

primitive artists did not know the laws of perspective and did not respect the proportions between the size of different animals.They depicted the bison and mammoth of the same magnitude as the lions and mountain goats.Often the images overlap.At the same time primitive drawings perfectly convey the scope of animals.Emotional impression is reinforced by the use of a wide palette of colors.

Altamira and Lascaux - the largest collection of rock carvings

In 1868, Spain opened the cave of Altamira.Nearly 10 years after the Spanish archaeologist Marcelino Sautuola found on the walls and ceiling of the cave primitive image.It was shown about 20 bison, wild boars and horses.

Much later, in September 1940, near the village of Montignac in southwestern France, the four students was accidentally discovered the cave of Lascaux.It is a lot of very realistic images of horses, bison, buffalo, deer, and sheep.For a long time the cave was opened to tourists and is considered the largest museum of primitive art.However, due to frequent visits to the image began to crumble, and the cave had to be closed.

Nevertheless cave paintings found in Altamira, Lascaux and many other caves located in different parts of the world, are widely known and have become a kind of greeting, spacecraft ever to visit us from the distant prehistoric past.