City Council proceeded to sodaniya Seville Cathedral in 1401.To do this, began to dismantle the remains of a mosque.The gigantic size of the Arab construction prompted the creation of a grand cathedral, which could never be surpassed.

cathedral was built over 100 years.During this time happened to him it is what often happened in the medieval era - a mixture of architectural styles: Romanesque, Gothic and Muslim.56-meter-high ceiling supported by 40 powerful columns.Light penetrates through the 93 high stained-glass windows.The wide central nave divides the principal chapel, enclosed on three sides by an iron gate.The chapel is zaaltarny iconostasis - the grandest in

Spain.For the main chapel is the Royal Chapel, which is built in 1575.There are located the tomb of the Spanish kings, including Alfonso X the Wise and Peter I the Cruel.

There's also kept a statue of a man's height Royal Madonna - patron saint of Seville.The figure cut out of cedar in the XIII century.At the beginning of her hair it was made of gold threads, on his head wore a gold crown.Inside was a mechanism, and the statue turned her head.Believers did not take off her eyes and fell down.Later, golden hair was changed to silk threads, the crown had disappeared, and the mechanism has deteriorated.But attention to the Royal Madonna did not decrease.Her still revere and believe in its ability to protect the city.

main treasure of the sacristy - a silver monstrance of the XVI century - a three-meter Ark, decorated with sculptures and ornaments.Near the main sacristy on the wall hangs a 16-foot canvas Mateo Perez de Alesio, which forwards the little St Christopher Christ across the river.Near the tomb of the great traveler - Christopher Columbus.

In 1987, the Cathedral of Seville is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.