Louvre - the largest art museum in the world.Previously, the museum building was the old castle, built in 1190 by Philip Augustus.Its activity as a museum he started in November 8, 1793.His masterpieces from around the world are located on an area of ​​195,000 sq.m.In the catalog there are more than 400 000 exhibits.The exhibition is divided up into seven parts: arts and crafts, painting, sculpture and graphics department of the Ancient East, Ancient Egyptian department, the art of Greece and Rome.If you only have one day to visit the main masterpieces, which are special indexes.
Vatican Museum combines the 1400 rooms that accommodate 50 000 objects.In order to get around the whole exhibition, will have to over
come no less than 7 km away.The locals and seasoned travelers recommend starting with the examination of the Egyptian Museum, moving in the direction of the famous Belvedere, then to the Raphael Rooms and the Sistine Chapel - master of the local shrine.
British Museum opened its doors to the first visitors to 15 January 1759.In the world it is known as the Museum of Civilizations Museum or stolen masterpieces.Such names quite justified, since the artifacts exhibited in the museum were obtained are not always honest way.Rosetta Stone was selected from Napoleon's army in Egypt.A similar story getting sculptural frieze of the Parthenon, sculptures Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, and many others.
Lovers of natural science exhibits: stuffed animals, dinosaur fossils and modern layouts is to go to the National Science Museum in Tokyo.It captures the spirit of beauty and diversity in one place plants and huge toothy skeletons, hovering near the ceiling.
Museum Mile in New York brought together the best museums in the United States, the largest of which is the Metropolitan.It contains exhibits from Paleolithic times to the present.Special admiration is room where asked to accept the clothing worn by the inhabitants of the five continents over seven centuries.
State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg - the largest art and cultural-historical museum of the world.His appearance, he is obliged to collection of Empress Catherine II.Imperial Museum was opened to visitors in 1852.Today, the walls of the Hermitage cherish more than three million works of art.The museum - a complex of six magnificent buildings at the head of the Winter Palace.