his creative activity Gustav Klimt began as a decorator, not without reason in the sphere of its interests, in addition to various kinds of easel painting, entered the antique ceramics, mosaics and frescoes.Passion for arts and crafts and mosaics contributed to the formation of the original style of Klimt paintings, thanks to which they can not be confused with the works of other artists.

Stylistic features works by Klimt

Most Klimt paintings decorative stylized, their background and rich clothes the characters are filled with bizarre pattern.As a rule, in the works of an artist no sense of spatial depth.His favorite technique - volumetric modeling of bodies on the flat ornamental background.

Klimt paintings are imbued with a deep eroticism, their main character, in most
cases, is a beautiful and seductive woman.Even if next to it there is a man, his face often hidden or trimmed.

most vividly the originality of Klimt's creativity manifested itself in the work of the so-called "golden period", got its name, and through the active introduction in the colors gold leaf, and because at that time, came highest flowering of the artist.

most famous works of the artist

Klimt's most famous work was the implementation of Byzantine mosaics in the style of the painting "The Kiss".In it, he showed pieces fused in an embrace of man and woman, wrapped in golden robes.Due to the abundance of gold color, like a figure lovers emit light.It served as a model for the painting by the artist himself and his beloved Emily FLEG.

Klimt The traditional image of the fatal women can be seen in the works of biblical scenes.One of them - "Judith", where the artist has depicted not noble and chaste savior of his people, and the treacherous temptress, using her charms to subdue the man and beheaded him.Judith clothes, richly decorated exquisite decorative pattern, merged with ornament mural.

abundance ornament features a picture and "Salome".The image of a beautiful princess of the Jewish artist was able to bring the enchanting power of evil.Like a bird of prey, clinging to their prey, Salome holding the severed head of John the Baptist.Expresses grim rage face, sharp broken lines in the drawing, decorative apparel sophistication - all this pushes the soul, but it attracts the eye.

Creativity Klimt fully reflects the Art Nouveau style.It is full of symbolism and allegorical images of complex, unusual decorative effects and a constant desire to experiment.The artist constantly seeks to assert beauty in a time when the industrial era begins mercilessly destroy it.