What distinguishes music Reggae Reggae

played on electric and bass guitar, drums and elektroorgane.Music has a relatively relaxed pace and size of 4/4 with an emphasis on the second and fourth beat.The compositions in the style of reggae is almost always uniform in rhythm, they look like a kind of meditation music, although their lyrics can be quite topical.The music is dominated by bass notes, sometimes supplemented by wind instruments sound.Early reggae later divided into several styles, and now there are about 10 lines of reggae.

History of Reggae

This style emerged in the late 1960s in Jamaica.He was born of the other traditional areas, such as religious hymns, songs of Jamaican traveling musicians - mento rhythm and blues.The closest relative of the reggae ska considered - melodic directi
on, has a characteristic "swinging" rhythm.In the 60s ska became connected with gospel music - church chanting - and lyrical soul music.So there was a style of "rock-Stead" a little later slowed rhythm and turned into a modern reggae.In Jamaica, began to form groups who prefer the new style - Untouchables, Maytones, Heptones, and others.Jamaican motifs became popular in Europe, for example, in the work of The Beatles and Elton John.

big role in popularizing Jamaican reggae singer played Bob Marley, who is considered the king of this trend.By the time the African-American population of the US was actively fight for their rights.Marley filled the creativity sharp political themes, making reggae music of protest against the oppression of the African race.Also Marley songs vividly expressed rastafarianstva religious movement, whose adherents was a singer.These topics are still among the most popular performers of reggae.

Destinations reggae

In the UK, this style has become popular among the skinhead subculture, creating a new direction - skinhead reggae.His outstanding representatives became Desmond Dekker, Laurel Aitken and the group Symarip.Electronic or instrumental performance became known as dub reggae.Later dub gave rise to many club psychedelic areas: drum and bass, dub-STEP, house, trip-hop.In the 1980s there was dancehall - reggae with a fast rhythm, of whom came ragga and reggaeton, popular dance styles.And in the 90 euro-reggae took shape, which has become a popular representative of the Swedish band Ace of Base.