you need
  • - passport;
  • - conscription certificate;
  • - medical policy;
  • - medical card;
  • - test results.
conscription medical commission in the military enlistment office usually come from doctors located directly in the vicinity of its medical institutions, which is why it will be easier if you have previously visited your doctor and know them by name.All recruits are required to undergo a medical examination by a neurologist, ophthalmologist, cardiologist, Laura, dentist, surgeon and therapist.In some cases, for example, due to the increasing incidence of certain diseases among young people, a medical examination at the recruiting office, and may include other health care professionals.
Come early for a medical examination, or because of the large queue of recruits you
may not have time to go through all the doctors in one day.Bring your passport, medical insurance policy, medical card, conscription certificate (if any), and the test results (if necessary).The day before the passage of the commission well get some sleep and rest, refrain from drinking and smoking, as well as take a shower.Unhealthy and tired can cause doctors suspicion, resulting in you will be directed to pass additional examinations in health care facilities.
honestly answer all questions about your medical health and diseases that were with you earlier.Remember that depends on it, in which troops you will be taken, and how far from home you go serve.Pretense and intentional evasion of military service by deception medical board can threaten your attraction to certain types of legal liability.
Check the results of the medical examination and delivered a note of pass or fail for service in your recruiting certificate.Remember that you have the right to challenge incorrect decisions regarding your medical condition and the ability to re-pass a medical examination.