atrocities that have taken place in the life of

course, most producers try to withdraw their films intriguing, frightening and bloody, but few people realize that what is happening on the screen lie unfortunate fate once lived people.For example, popular in the beginning of the XXI century, the film "The Girl on the contrary," tells the story of Sylvia Likens, Mary, who was brutally murdered in 1965 in the US state of Indianapolis family, the care that her parents left.The horror that mocked over her entire family Banishevsky.As a result, the girl died of malnutrition and shock. These events and became the motive to create a film "The gi
rl in front."

plot of the film made famous by Clint Eastwood's "Changeling" is also taken from life.In 1928 in Los Angeles really acted maniac, kidnapped and murdered boys.This story became the impetus for the investigation of corruption in the police department of the United States.

film "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" is entirely fictional, but the fact that the maniac cut face their victims, taken from real life.These terrible acts committed Ed Gein, who lived in the United States in the 20th century.

Finally, we can not forget history, closely linked with Russia.In 2004, the big screen was a film of horrors "Evilenko", which at least partially, but tells the audience about the events that took place during the collapse of the Soviet Union.Perhaps this story is about the brutal maniac Soviet period - Chikatilo, who from 1978 to 1990 made only 53 proved brutal murders.

tragedies of life on the screen

Directors, in addition to tapes about murderers and maniacs often shoot horror movies based on tragic events, quite by chance happened to the people.So the film "Alive" is devoted to a plane crash in the Andes, which happened in 1972.27 surviving passengers of the plane were killed each day one by one, who is from frostbite, who by famine, who by avalanches. As a result, only a few people managed to survive in these horrible conditions of the Andes.

also filled with tragedy film "Open Sea", the prototype of which served as Thomas and Eileen Lonergan Lonergan Haines - the couple from the United States.January 25, 1998 the couple being in the world tour, came from the coast of Australia on the excursion boat to the Great Barrier Reef for diving, and for unknown reasons were simply forgotten guides on the high seas.After several days of searching, rescuers have found their wetsuits, but to this day they are still missing.