From time immemorial

Guitar (Spanish quitarra) - it is a wooden stringed instrument with a long neck and a resonator in the form of eight.Guitar - the main tool in the arrangement of the compositions of blues, country, flamenco and rock music.

preserving the ancient sculptures of the original pattern guitar, which existed in the 2nd millennium BC.They were made of tortoise shell or a pumpkin and, apparently, were covered with skin.Similar tools exist today in Iran, in the countries of the Balkans and Greece.Interestingly, at approximately the same times in northern India appeared dutar with smoothly rounded down to the neck and body tuning pegs.

major step in the modernization process improvement tool was the resonator is a combination of the deck, upper
deck and shells.It is believed to have invented a new building in China in the III-IV centuries BC.e.Then the wizard for the first time began to make the upper deck in the form of panels made of solid wood.Different versions of the inverse image of the guitar had a great popularity and quickly spread around the world.The simplicity of design and ease of development did these ancient instruments are extremely popular with the common people and the nobility.Hieroglyph tools, in the form similar to a guitar, also found on ancient Egyptian pyramids.Typically, what these characters literally, "good", "good" beautiful. "

Improvement and triumph

The earliest documents showing the distribution of the guitar in Medieval Europe, refer to X-XI centuries in Spain.Structurally, the instruments of those years look a lot easier.Until the beginning of the XVI century guitars were three- and four-stringed.The first five-string guitar was made in the XVI century in Spain, where he has received national recognition.The strings are stretched double and rarely single.The fifth string guitar gave new meaning and expanded the possibilities of the instrument.An increasing number of composers and performers began to prefer this tool.Increasingly began to appear works written specifically for guitar.Already in the XVI-XVII centuries it has been published manuals for learning to play the guitar and musical pieces.

appearance of six-string guitar belongs to the second half of the XVIII century.The strings on this guitar used single, significantly simplified the technique of the game and helped further popularize the instrument.Features of this tool amazing contemporaries.This time is considered the beginning of the heyday of the guitar, which lasted until the end of the XIX century and the emergence of the piano.