Temple built by German and French architects.From here you can observe a mixture of styles in the building.Each architects sought to stand out, to show their best skills.French masters invited from Paris, Reims, Chartres, adorned the temple of the finest stone carvings.Each figure of the saint in the cathedral - a work of art.Experienced Germans invited from Cologne, Freiburg and Ulm have made the round of 15-meter window-socket, created stained glass windows, designed the tower, erected a pyramidal spire.

Cathedral of Our Lady began to build in 1015 from red Vosges sandstone, which gave the church a pink tinge.When la

ying the first stone was attended by Bishop Warner von Habsburg and German king.Last is the emperor of the Roman Empire (Henry II St.).

however solemn ceremony in the presence of higher spiritual and state officials, the consecration of stones did not save the construction of future disasters.Part of the cathedral built in 1176, was almost destroyed by fire.I had to start all over again.

main nave were built by the French.It was built before 1275.It is a typical example of French Gothic.The western facade was decorated with hundreds of sculpted statues.

German architects started to structure the two towers - the north and south.North rose with great difficulty.The reason for that - the lack of funds, the resistance of the French, the unstable political situation.Successive generations of architects and builders.Tower finished building only in 1439.It was possible to start the construction of the south tower.And once again stood the same problem - a lack of funds, lack of German architects.In addition, the French king wanted to ensure the independence of the Pope and his forces planned to finish building a tower.That did not happen, and the cathedral remained unfinished in its splendor since 1439.