History and the group of Europe

Group Europe was established in 1980.Two schoolboys from Stockholm Joakim Larsen and John Norum decided to form a musical group called Force.Before that they played in various musical groups.Joakim became the vocalist of the newly formed rock band, John - guitarist.The children were invited to the group of John Leven and Tony Niemistö.Leven played bass guitar Niemistö - drums.

Force played in the style of glam metal and began his musical career in nightclubs, but did not achieve much success.In 1982, in Stockholm, a competition of young talents Rock-SM, and the guys decide to try their hand at it.At this time, the rockers are changing their name to Europe.The boys win the contest and get the opportunity to record a solo album.The first album did not bring
a large team of glory, the triumphal procession of musicians in their own country and in Europe began with the release of their second album.

At a time when the competition took place, Joakim Larsen decides to change his name to Joey Tempest and Tony Niemistö changes name to Reno.In 1984, Tony Reno leaves the band, his place was invited Ian Haugland.The group also comes keyboardist Mick Michel.

The success of Europe

first album came out in 1983.And he called the «Europe».The band's songs were warmly received by the public.The album took eighth place in the Swedish hit parade, but very popular team got the first record in Japan.The song «Seven doors hotel» captured the hearts of the Japanese.

next album «Wings of tomorrow» team released in 1984.At this time, it is changing the composition of the group that received worldwide fame.On the musical Olympus Europe goes in this format: Joey Tempest, John Norum, John Leven, Ian Haugland and Mick Michel.

third album «The final countdown» brings a group of international fame.In the US, this becomes a platinum record.The main song of the album of the same name became a worldwide hit.At this time the team leaves John Norum.Norum explains his dissatisfaction with care commercialization of the project and the fact that it becomes more pop sound.In place of John Norum Kee Marcello comes.After all the permutations in 1987, Europe sent on a world tour.

In 1988 he released the album Out of this World, which goes platinum in Sweden and then in the United States.Last plate group released in 1991, by this time the team plays in the grunge style.In 2003, the team is reunited, and its members returned to John Norum and Kee Marcello Here, by contrast, refuses to back the group.