Schubert lived only thirty-one years.He died, exhausted mentally and physically tired from chasing his failures.He wrote nine symphonies, but none of them was played during his lifetime, only 200 of the 600 songs and only 3 of the 20 sonatas was published.


Schubert was born in a suburb of Vienna, Lichtenthal, January 31, 1797.His mother was the daughter of a locksmith, and his father worked as a schoolteacher.From an early age Francis instilled a love of music in his home permanently organized musical evenings.

understand that Franz outstanding musical ability, his father and brother began to teach him to play the piano and violin.Schubert also had a beautiful voice.Upon reaching 11 years old he was
sent to the school of church singing.

at school, Franz began composing music to get involved, often to the detriment of the main activities.His father was against his ardent passions.He tried in every way to distract his son from the unenviable fate of the composers whose path at the time was difficult.

work of composer

Soon the boy abandons his studies and devote himself to music.In 1813 he created the first symphony in D major.After that, he worked for 3 years as an assistant teacher.At the same time he was actively composing - for the year 1815, he wrote four operas, string quartet, two symphonies and 144 songs.Soon, he quits his job to re-dissolve into the music.

lack of stable income deprived Schubert opportunity to marry his girlfriend - she chose to go for a secured confectioner.

From 1817 to 1822, Franz stayed with friends, where they staged musical meetings devoted to his music - Schubertiades.At the time he composed music all the time, but his shyness, unwillingness to beg and grovel are the reason that the majority of his works have remained manuscripts, and the Schubert lived in poverty.There was a time when France did not even have a piano and composing without a musical instrument.Such failures in life have influenced the style of his music, it turned out the light in the depressive, to match the mood of the composer.

In 1828, Schubert's friends arranged a single lifetime concert of his works.Concert furor and significantly raised the mood of the composer.He began to work with renewed vigor, despite health problems.

His death was unexpected.Franz fell ill with typhus.His body was weak and unable to deal with a serious illness.In November 1828, he died.His property was sold for a penny, and many works vanished without a trace.