history of bluegrass

This music style originated in the forties of the last century, after the war, which greatly hampered the development of the music.It can not be attributed to any particular person.It is a mix of blues, jazz and ragtime.However, traces of bluegrass lead to a certain musical group.The founding father of this trend is now considered Bill Munro.

name style was in line with the name of his first band The Blue Grass Boys.It was founded back in 1939. The key moment in the formation of bluegrass was the accession in 1945 to the group Earle Skaraggsa.He had a unique technique of playing the instrument banjo.Together with guitarist Lester Flattach, fiddler Chubby Wise and bassist Howard Watts they managed to create a totally unique instrumental sound and style that has become a model for other musicians.

While the band played that kind of music, it was their unique and personal style.He could not be certain musical direction, while the other performers did not play in the same style.Point bluegrass emergence as an independent musical direction can be considered in 1947, when the traditional song was written in the style of the Stanley brothers band Blue Grass Boys.

In literally folk-bluegrass music has never been.Although the theme song of this style is very reminiscent of folk.Throughout the history of bluegrass was performed only by professional artists.Although sometimes the fans were trying to reproduce the composition in this style, but the sound is not like the professionals.

Features musical style

Bluegrass, like jazz, uses a technique where musical instruments in turn are leading in a time when everyone else goes on the back burner.This is the main difference from the other early bluegrass music styles, where instruments play together, either one of them during the whole product is the leading and the rest up to him accompaniment.Bluegrass is an acoustic style.It is rarely used power tools.

The focus is paid to bluegrass acoustic stringed instruments.This is its main difference from the country.Among them violins, five-stringed banjo, acoustic guitar, mandolin and double bass.Sometimes used resonator guitar.