Sarah studied ballet since childhood and dreamed of becoming a famous actress.Her stage debut when she was only 12 years old, in the play, "I and Albert".In parallel, serious pursuits choreographies Sarah Brightman start to teach yourself to sing.In 1978, the song Starship troopers in her performance became a hit.

In 1981, the young singer took part in the casting of the new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "Cats."Beauty and grace Sarah conquered the famous composer, and he offered her the role of Jemima cats.In 1984 Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sarah Brightman became husband and wife.

For several years, Sarah Brightman has become a muse Webber, just for her maestro wrote several musi

cals.However, the singer was well aware that her vocal enough to execute complex games in the works of her husband.Soon she began to take lessons from the outstanding opera tenor Placido Domingo.In 1985, along with Domingo, Brightman performed "Requiem" Webber received for this work the prize "Grammy."

true triumph of Sarah Brightman was the performance of the role of Christine in the successful musical Webber "Phantom of the Opera."There is a version that the work was for the composer to some extent autobiographical.The image of the beautiful and talented singer Christina Dae, he brought his wife and the image is hopelessly in love with an ugly but brilliant Ghost - himself.

However, despite the undeniable success of Sarah stage, it continued to consider only the shadow of the famous husband.The singer has decided to radically change their creativity, began performing in concerts and to record their own albums.Ultimately, the desire for independence led to a break with Webber.

Today Sarah Brightman acts in the genre of classical crossover (synthesis of classical and popular music).She had proved that it can be of interest to the public all over the world, and without the support of Andrew Lloyd Webber.While her ex-husband, she has kept good relations and continue to perform his best hits from the musicals.