One of the best films of recent years, which tells both of love and vampires are the "Twilight".The story was so impressed the audience that the creators of the film version began shooting continued.The first part of the film is called "Twilight."The second series has a volume name - "The Twilight Saga, New Moon."The third - "Twilight Saga."The last story, entitled "The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn" is divided into 2 parts.

plot of "Twilight»

In this story there are vampires, werewolves, and ordinary people.Vampires is not only bad but also good.It was such a noble representative of the dark forces falls seventeen ordinary girl Bella.But her choice Edward Cullen does not want to cause trouble, and Bella in the second part of the romantic-bloody history decides to break up with a girl.

In the third film even more dressed up scenes where there is a struggle of "good" and "evil" dark forces.Against this background, the love of a vampire and a girl is even stronger, and they decide to get married, despite the chasm separating them.

«Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn," the first part shows the viewer doubt Bella when she was thinking whether to leave her child.After all, he is only half human and half vampire.Bella decides to keep the child, but Edward and his family against.Child manages to save.

The second part of the film "The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn," Bella becomes a vampire.She is happy with her husband and daughter, but the family are waiting for new test.

What else can you watch movies about vampires

addition to the "Saga" in recent years, were published in several films where the main characters are vampires.If these actors evoke the viewer's fear, he can see the history of comedy, where vampires are not scary and even charming.The film is called "Bunch Vampire" (2012).

If, on the contrary, I want to see the chilling history, see "Dracula" (1992).There is a place of love and chilling scenes.

«Stake Land" should only look for people with strong nervous system.Good to watch the tense scene in the company.Then we can laugh together successfully disguised actor and say to each other, it's just a movie.

These words can say, and looking trilogy "Blade", where the eponymous poluchelovek-poluvampir valiantly fighting with an army of vampires.In the second part it helps the teacher Uinstler.In the third, he is forced to confront not only a vampire, but also the police.

These films help to forget about their problems, to shift attention.If the "horror" there is still love, romantic scenes will raise the mood of the audience and the film seems not terrible, but interesting.