Most military historians tend to believe that if the plan Chief of the German General Staff Alfred von Schlieffen was implemented, the First World War could have gone a completely different scenario.But in 1906 the German strategist was removed from his post and his followers were afraid to implement ideas Schlieffen.

plan blitzkrieg

At the beginning of the last century, Germany started planning a big war.It was connected with the fact that a few decades earlier defeated France clearly nurtured plans for a military revenge.The German leadership is not particularly feared the French threat.But in the East gained economic and military might of Russia, an ally of the Third Republic.For Germany, there is a real danger of a war on two fronts.Well it is aware Kaiser Wilhelm von Shliffe
nu ordered to develop a plan victorious war in these conditions

And Schlieffen, in a rather short period of time, such a plan is created.According to his idea, Germany was the first to start a war against France, focusing in this area 90% of all their armed forces.And this war had to be lightning fast.On the capture of Paris was given just 39 days.On the final victory - 42.

suggests that Russia in a short time will not be able to mobilize.German troops after the victory over France will be transferred to the border with Russia.Kaiser Wilhelm approved the plan, saying this famous phrase: "We will have dinner in Paris, and we had dinner in St. Petersburg."

failure of the Schlieffen Plan

Schlieffen successor as head of the German General Staff Helmuth von Moltke took shliffensky plan without much enthusiasm, considering it too risky.For this reason, he subjected him to a thorough revision.In particular, he refused to focus on the western front of the main forces of the German army and, as a precaution, a significant part of the troops sent to the east.

But Schlieffen plan was planned coverage of the French army from the flanks and complete its environment.But because of the diversion of considerable forces to the east from the German forces in the western front just for that not enough funds available.As a result, the French troops not only were surrounded, but managed to deliver a powerful counterattack.

calculation on the slowness of the Russian army in terms of prolonged mobilization and has not justified itself.The invasion of Russian troops in East Prussia literally stunned the German command.Germany was in the grip of two fronts.