Social Project consists of 13 main sections.

Cover Sheet. The title page must include the name of the project, its authors, the name and address of the organization, the chief accountant of the project, the area of ​​implementation, date of commencement and completion of the project and its budget (in rubles).

Abstract. The annotation is to specify the basic idea of ​​the project, the target audience, the resources required and the timing of the project.A big plus is, if you specify the strengths and the project and its differences from these.Abstract - a brief description of the social project, which addressed the potential resursodatelyam and business partners.

Description of the organization. In this section, you must show that your social organization a reliable and promising.Write general information about the organization (whe

n, where and by whom was founded, the number), the specific objectives for the next three years (usually expressed in quantitative terms), the history of the association (the dynamics of development, communications, important events and achievements).Specify the orientation of the activities and experience (activities, main programs, the results achieved, ongoing and completed projects), partnerships and prospects of development of the public association.

Rationale for the project. As far as this issue is relevant to society?What your project is original and different from other, similar subjects?

goals and objectives. Goal - a conscious way prejudge the outcome, which are aimed at achieving human actions.Tasks - detailed the specific objective that reflects its scope and list specific actions.

Methods project. Method - is a tool by which the objective of the project is achieved.That is a description of how the project will be implemented.

Project Management .Specifically, specify which "positions" needed for the project except for the head.How many volunteers are needed, and what kind of experts should be involved.

Work Plan of the project. Shall describe what actions you perform in stages:

1. Organizational and Information Stage.Create a group, organizational conditions, information support.

2. The main stage.The main work on the project.

3. Outcome-perspective.Summing up the activities, the development prospects of its further development, post-releases and media coverage.

Expected results .Expected results - a results expected to be achieved during the project implementation in quantitative and qualitative terms.The results must be realistic, achievable and measurable.

Methods of evaluation. plan project evaluation should be well-designed instruments are described.Evaluation criteria should be adequate results.Quantitative and qualitative indicators need to be credible and legitimate.

plan for further development of the project. project is scheduled one-time or permanent-acting?Will you alter the target audience or territory?

budget. What resources do we need for the project and in what quantity (human, material and financial resources).It is necessary to assess what resources we have and what you need.And where we can take the missing resources.

press releases and offer. These documents are based on annotations and vary depending on the needs.Press releases are sent to all the media and commercial offers - potential sponsors.

Social Projects in this form can be submitted, and to participate in grants and show jumping funds.