Army Japan, consisting of samurai, different non-permanent staff.In order to organize these soldiers needed a stern commander.Under the leadership of such a person samurai they went into battle, and are almost always achieved victory.

little history

samurai goes back to the VIII century.It was formed as a result of the Taika Reform (they had Prince Naka-no Oe and Nakatomi citizen but Kamatari).The first representatives of the new class were runaway peasants and voluntary hunters are on the borders of the empire were looking for earnings.The foundation for the development of the samurai emperor laid Kamma to overcome opponents.For several centuries, Japanese knights have done much for the country.There was a time when samurai led by his commander actually ruled the country.

Over time, people who were part of the caste began to leave her.Each soldier changed his occupation.By the end of 1866 samurai it was officially canceled.

most precious rules of life for the Samurai

behavior in society:
• Do not yawn in the presence of someone - a sign of bad upbringing.
• When you express their thoughts - look into the eyes of a man.
• Do not go with her hands in his pockets.
• always give an answer to the letter, even if your message will consist of a few words.
• Anyone who without a reason take up arms, showing his weakness and cowardice.

Commandments Samurai:
• Continuing benefit their commander.
• Remember their duty to their parents.
• help people and support them.
• Do not let the fact that you someone surpassed.

Attitude to life:
• Do not conforming with the laws and traditions - is disgusting.
• Death walks always there, so act immediately.
• If a person initially has no control over his actions, he will never overcome the enemy.
• grasp the the things that you are able to finish for the day.

Remedies Samurai

most significant means of defense for soldiers was a sword.But they are used in the battles not only him, but other security options.Samurai parallel had mastered the art of Kendo, and the lessons of martial arts, archery and javelin throwing.Besides all this, they were taught to swim and ride a horse.

in Japan and still honor the tradition of past years.In this country, a lot of monuments, there are also archives, which store ancient manuscripts.All this is reminiscent of the great warriors of yore.