Asylum may request all foreign citizens or people without citizenship, but only strictly observing the rules of the decree "On Approval of the Procedure of the Russian Federation for political asylum."

man who wants to get political asylum in Russia, within seven days from the date of arrival in the country must address a written request to the territorial office of the Federal Migration Service of the city in which the foreigner is currently.

This right can take advantage of people who, for whatever reason, can not be in their home country or have no citizenship.The petition will be sent for review to the Federal Migration Service, provided that it has good reason.

application may be rejected for several reasons.The man will be deprive
d of the right to asylum if he has committed a crime or an action which does not conform to the principles of the United Nations.Also, this right is denied those accused of having committed a criminal offense.

man can not get asylum if he came from a third country where he did not threaten or from his home state, where a well-developed human rights protection.Giving false information of the person it is also deprived of the right to asylum in Russia.

The written request for asylum must be given the reasons for the flight from his native country.A foreigner for the period of consideration of the petition issue a special certificate, which confirms that the person is in the country legally.

Russia gives asylum to all foreigners who are persecuted and harassed in his home country because of their beliefs, which do not contradict democracy and violate international law.The application must be considered no longer than a month.

If the petition is rejected, the period of stay of a foreigner in the Russian Federation is fully controlled by the government.People granted political asylum and his family members can become citizens of Russia.