first St. George Ribbon appeared in 1769 as part of the highest military award of Russia - the Imperial Order of St. George the Martyr and Victorious.Catherine II ordered to hand over his officers for bravery and meritorious service on the battlefield.

Order was 4 degrees.At the George Cross first degree officer was given a wide ribbon.It was supposed to wear a military uniform, tying over his right shoulder.The same tape pads were covered with crosses of a
ll degrees.

George Ribbon obtain specific coloring with two orange stripes between three black.Along the edges of the narrow edge housed orange.However, there is another option: black with yellow stripes combined.Violations of heraldic principles in this, becauseand yellow, and orange symbolizes gold.The colors are reminiscent of St. George ribbons smoke and flames of war, through which passed with honor award winner.In addition, they repeat the scale of the State Emblem of the Russian Empire times of Catherine II.

little later St. George's ribbon was used in other awards and military decorations: banners, Standart, silver trumpets, hats, weapons officer, etc.They are awarded for individual and collective feats of arms.

second life tape found in the Great Patriotic War: in 1943 she graced the Order of Glory, and in 1945 - the medal "For the victory over Germany."Since then, St. George bicolor there was one called "ribbon of the Order of Glory."Historians believe these names equivalent, given the high value of both military awards.Calling the same black and orange tape Guards allowed only when talking about the symbols of the Navy: flags, pennants, his cap badges.

In 1992, the Order of St. George was returned to the system of state awards of the Russian Federation.Also it introduced a distinction - "George Cross".Both awards are decorated with the same black and orange ribbon.

As an integral part of a particular award, St. George bicolor is personal courage of a warrior, his devotion to the Motherland, bravery shown in combat operations, the high moral qualities of a hero.The tape, handed over the personal military services, can not be transmitted to others.

ribbons distributed during the campaign for the Victory Day, the majority of Russians became the symbol of national unity, the memory of the events of the Great Patriotic War, a sign of gratitude to the heroes and grief of the soldiers and officers who died at the front for the freedom of the motherland.