you need
  • - pen, paper, envelope;
  • - a computer with Internet access.
one of the oldest ways to write and send a letter by mail.Should write a formal letter to state the problem correctly, referring to the president respectfully by name and patronymic.At the end of the line must leave contact information and your name.In the envelope to indicate an address - 450101, Ufa, ul.Tukaeva, 46, President of the RZKhamitov, and be sure to write a complete return address.Without a return address email will not be considered.
Recently popular was the communication with the heads of state through social networks and blogs
.Rustam Z. has a blog on LiveJournal under the name rkhamitov.His problem can be written in the comments at the records or send private messages.
also the head of the Republic has an official website - is also a new blog Khakimov to post comments.In order to send an email through the website, press section "Applications", read the information and click on the banner below titled "Electronic reception authorities of Bashkortostan Republic."In the open a new window on the left click on the green button "Write an appeal."
questionnaire appeared all the fields need to be filled correctly formulate the text of the appeal and keep contacts, be sure to include a valid e-mail box.The size of the treatment should not exceed 2000 characters.The letter also has the ability to attach files of up to 1 MB in file formats .txt, .doc, .docx, .jpg.
After sending a letter to the specified address e-mail, will receive a letter with a link, which is necessary to go to confirm the sending of circulation.
How to register an appeal to e-mail notification comes, stating that the appeal took the examination.
In the case of a collective letter should go to the website "Voice of the Republic of Bashkortostan┬╗ - the creation of the petition is given a period of 1 month to collect signatures.