How to write a letter

The text of the letter it is necessary to state the problem correctly.To contact the governor by name and patronymic in a respectful tone.The letter should contain the full contact information of the citizen of the applicant - name, first name, e-mail and the valid e-mail address, telephone number, personal signature and date.By the treatment, if necessary, it is necessary to make copies of documents.It is necessary to specify the method used to answer your letter - to the email or postal address.Wh
en asked to handle electronic consent to the processing of personal data.

written request will not be considered, if not the letter with the name and the name of the citizen and the return address, which should be sent back.Also considering refused if the applicant's handwriting is impossible to read the letter contains offensive language, and in the case of repeated appeals to the governor with the same issue.

letter, if it is properly formulated, register and considered within 30 days from the date of registration.Treatment-related emergencies and the rights of the child, considered in a shorter period.

To send a letter

If you have a computer with Internet access, you can write a letter via the website of the government of the Chelyabinsk region.To do this, go to the site and click on "Internet reception" in the upper right corner.In the window that opens, check your work section and the bottom of the page to issue its appeal.To do this, fill in the blanks, if necessary, attach files, to agree to the terms of the processing of their data and send.Such treatment will receive registration within three working days.If a positive decision on the specified e-mail address will be notified.

also his letter can be sent in electronic form to the address we should not forget about the rules of writing appeals to the governor, as there is a risk that the letter will not be accepted.

Postal address for letters to the governor: 454089, Chelyabinsk, st.Zwilling, 27. The envelope indicate the complete return address, no address the letter did not register.The appeal handwrite clear handwriting or type on a computer.At the end put the signature and full name and date.