Today massively studied political science students of higher educational institutions, not yielding in popularity legal, philosophical and economic sciences.Moreover, politics is perhaps the most high ranking in the list of the humanities.All this indicates that the subject is of interest to young people, its study and knowledge helps to better navigate in today's society, to perceive everything that happens in public
zhihni changes.

Like any other science, political science is the result of certain needs of society, so it is the formation and development is aimed, first and foremost, to meet most of these needs.What is the need and what they are due?They are determined by the specific functions carried out political science as a science for each individual and society as a whole.They can be reduced to 3 m major.

Firstly, it is a cognitive function.Since it is associated process research and insight into the mechanism of political life and its laws, as well as explanations and descriptions and assessments of various political phenomena and events.In all degrees of study Political Science provides mainly the increase of knowledge about the various spheres of political life, discovers and reveals the laws and the future of the political process.This subordinated theoretical studies forming the principles of understanding, knowledge of phenomena in politics.It is subordinate to and direct study of the science of the actual prepodnosyaschie rich material, specific and detailed information about various aspects of public life.

Second, a rational function.It is closely associated with cognitive and allows you to fully consider the phenomenon of rationalization of public life.Politics gives a detailed explanation and interpretation of the complex and sometimes very complicated political processes reveals their rational mechanism of the interaction of human interests, goals, ambitions, problems, etc.As a result, the political acts and events are clear and accessible to the understanding and awareness of each individual.

Third, practical function.Utilitarian direction of political science is that it can generate scientifically reasoned predictions about what development trends are expected (and expect) the political life of society.In this case, usually talking about predictive focus of political science.Political science is able to:
- a long-term forecast of the range within which may be referred to the possibility of the political development of the country at the current stage of history;
- show alternative scenarios of future processes related to any of the elected option or a political event or action;
- submit payment probable losses for each of the embodiments based side effects.

Most political analysts make short-term predictions, where browsing (predict) the development of the political situation in the region or the country as a whole, the prospects and opportunities of various leaders, associations, political parties and other political forces.

Based on the basis of political science research, developing government policy, under which the people live of a country.That is precisely the basis of the results of these studies formed the criteria and highlights significant problems of society as a whole, produced a national, defense and social policy of the government, social conflicts are resolved.