Conditions in maximum security penitentiary

man able to make his life a fascinating but often forgets about it, plunging into the routine of daily activities and concerns.But where some people live in completely different conditions, and they are willing to give everything to stay at least a day a free man.And these places - corrective labor colony.These words crossed out their fate.But behind the barbed wire, too, there is life, what is it?

At any CTI strict regime, there are three separate areas where conditions are very different.When a person is first placed in a colony for him to provide for ordinary conditions.There are all the housing and household amenities, are sufficient for normal livelihood.They are given the opportunity to stay in touch with loved ones and relati
ves.For this purpose, are telephone conversations, the ability to engage in correspondence, to receive parcels and send them, receive money and go on dates.

When will the first 9 months in prison, a prisoner can be transferred to facilitate the detention regime.Only possible if there are no penalties.The person must comply with the order and to work in good faith to treat over.
If the prisoner is seriously violates the established procedure for the MLS, he was transferred to more stringent conditions.The purpose of this transfer is to ensure the safety of other inmates, to make the process more efficient education, prevent the negative impact on others.

How the ITC

The CTI strict regime has dormitories, where compact rooms have bunk beds.In the building are equipped with showers, toilets, utility rooms, drying chambers for clothes, dining room.In women's prisons there is room for personal hygiene.

For those who are prescribed a strict content, some limitations.For them, provided heating, and behavior are constantly monitored.Stringent conditions significantly limit the movement of prisoners, even within the ITC, it may not be allowed to chat with fellow sufferers.Parcels or transfer is permitted, but a maximum of 2 for a year, one meeting may be long-term, for three days and two short.Once they're supposed to walk, 1.5 hours daily.

From all this it is clear that conditions in the maximum security penitentiary hard, they are very different from the usual free.But the person gets used to everything, just need time and patience.But the prisoners have hope that they will get parole and return home.