Tip 1: How to write a pre-election program

well-written campaign platform is an inherent part of any election.It helps voters make up their minds about a candidate, his views on the current problems and to familiarize with the proposed method of solving them.
identify priority recipients of your electoral program.First of all, they should be the citizens of those social strata that could potentially pay you for your vote.These are people who are not set deliberately negative against your political figures, and hence their final opinion can be influenced.Another target group are certainly personally your supporters or supporters of the political forces that you represent.
Rate in the program the current situation in the region, pay attention to the most pressing problems.Analyze the results of its competitors, in particular, the current holder of the post, the fight for which you are driving.Explain why you will be able to resolve the current problems, tell us what steps you intend to take it and what the effect of them
If your identity is not yet known to the locals enough, and your starter rating is extremely low, try one of the means of social advertising.Your election program will complement the hard weighty statements on the problems of alcoholism, smoking, or environmental protection.This will help draw attention to the program the widest possible range of your potential voters.
developed his unique political image.Formation of a certain relationship to the candidate the voter would facilitate bringing the necessary information to the attention of the target audience.This image will be the basis, the core of the entire political rhetoric of the candidate during the election campaign.The first step in the formation of an image is often a formal statement of the candidate about the beginning of his participation in the electoral contest.

Tip 2: What is the electoral program

program election candidate or political party is the basis for campaigning electorate.A properly designed program allows you to obtain the highest number of votes, urging voters by specifying the effective methods to solve critical problems.
What pre-election program
Election Program - is a document, which addresses the most urgent problems, the urgent political situation in the country, and their solutions.Furthermore, it can be assessed rival candidates and their proposed methods.The program should inspire voters positive effectiveness for choosing a particular kandidata.Pri drafting electoral program oriented to the circle of potential voters who can vote for her, as well as an already established team of supporters of the candidate to maintain their pre-election program called zainteresovannosti.Predstavlenie keynote address candidates.It is carried out through the media, particularly the Internet.Also held public speeches at meetings, public discussions, debates, rallies, demonstrations and other events.Available leaflets and other campaign materials, including billboards and TV roliki.Poryadok electoral performances established by the state law, according to which there are restrictions on the contents of the program.For example, in the text of this document should not be held directly or implicitly raising the idea of ​​a violent change or compromising the integrity of the existing constitutional order, incitement to hatred on ethnic, religious, class, racial and other forms protivorechiy.Predvybornaya program shall be announced before the election commission, which carefullychecks it for compliance with the laws of the constitution.The Commission may refuse to register the candidate or cancel it when the program was launched already a member vyborov.V its election program the applicant must specify the reason for which he should be selected for a specific post.The text of the document should be convincing and contain contradictory statements.