General Directorate of camps and prisons (Gulag) was formed in the Soviet Union in 1934.This event was preceded by the transfer of all Soviet prisons from the jurisdiction of the People's Commissariat of Justice of the USSR People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs.

At first glance, banal departmental subordination of all the camps and prisons actually pursued far-reaching plans.The country's leadership was meant to make extensive use of forced unpaid labor of prisoners in the construction of the national economy.It was necessary to create a single clear system of prisons with their bodies for economic management.

Inherently Gulag was something like a huge construction syndicate.Syndicate this combines multiple central boards, divided by te
rritorial and sectoral lines.Glavspetstsvetmet, Sredazgidstroy, North Branch railway construction camp ....These central boards quite harmless names can be listed for a long time.Uninitiated would never guess that behind them lie dozens of concentration camps with hundreds of thousands of prisoners.

Conditions of detention in the Gulag

Conditions of detention in the Gulag defy normal human comprehension.The mere fact that the inhabitants of the camps of high mortality, reaching in some years, 25 percent, speaks for itself.

According to the former, miraculously surviving prisoners of the Gulag, the main trouble was a famine in the camps.There were, of course, approved by the food regulations - are extremely scarce, but does not allow a person to die of starvation.But the products of conception plundered the camp administration.

Another problem was the disease.Epidemics of typhoid, dysentery and other infectious diseases broke out constantly, and there were no medicines.There was almost and medical staff.From disease each year tens of thousands of people died.

completes all these adversities cold (camps mainly located in the northern latitudes), and heavy physical labor.

work efficiency and achieve Gulag

Efficiency labor of prisoners of the Gulag were always extremely low.The camp administration took various measures to improve it.From the cruel punishments, incentives to incentives.But neither the brutal torture and abuse for failing to develop standards or enhanced nutritional standards and reduce sentences for shock work almost did not help.Physically exhausted people just could not work effectively.Nevertheless, hands prisoners have been created much.

existed for a quarter century, the Gulag was disbanded.He left behind a lot of what the Soviet Union could be proud of for years to come.After all, the official historians, for example, argued that the Komsomolsk-on-Amur built Komsomol volunteers, not GULAG prisoners Amurstroy cupola.And the White Sea-Baltic Canal - the result of the valiant work of ordinary Soviet workers, not prisoners of the Gulag.Reveal the truth of the Gulag has plunged many into horror.