interesting that move in Belarus is quite easy, especially loyal local immigration legislation applies to immigrants from Russia.

Migration registration

Since its accession to the Belarusian land, every person is entitled to 30 days free and legal movement on it without the company of any action on the search for possible registration, notorious residence or the desired residence permit.In fact, the border of the country is in the status of free access and is not intended Grading of entry into the territory of the state, suggesting that to live in such a "semi-legal" position you can over the years, do not get caught the eye local migration se

However, there is no need, because after position 30 days by providing a passport, rental agreement or certificate of registration of any person to emigrate by filling out an application and pay a state fee, can become the proud owner of the "Belarusian Green Card" for another 60 days stay, but without employment opportunities.

Migrant workers

If you want to work in the country without obtaining permanent citizenship, you can resort to the production of "labor" visa to last year which can be a long time to settle in one of the Belarusian cities.This will require to get a rental contract and the labor contract, a request supported by a chosen employer. If a particular employer is not available, the migration service you need to provide a passport Belarusian relative prepares you temporary shelter.


most difficult to obtain a residence permit, which involves the issuance of a special green passport.The residence permit is issued to Belarusians from birth, those who are married to citizens of the country, or if the person is a valuable professional, able to interest one of the sectors of the economy of Belarus.

residence permit involves a phased threading of the right of 2, 5 and 7 years, after which the applicant can apply for the honorary title of citizen. Unlike Russia, where the law on dual citizenship is still considered migratory regulations of Belarus told to abandon previously had citizenship if the citizenship of the country. This law was approved the following list of information and documents to be submitted to the migration service of the country:
- certificate from the drug and psihodispansera,
- certificate of presence / absence of a criminal record,
- Finally, medical examination,
- lease.
applicants are in the process of fingerprinting and pay a fee in an amount not exceeding 500 Russian rubles.