you need
  • - Russian citizenship;
  • - membership in the party and public organizations;
  • - personal blog, personal page on the Internet or an account on a social network.
Take part in the elections if you are a citizen of the Russian Federation.Before you go to the polling station, examine the electoral legislation and participation, to be able to not only claim the right to choose, but also be able to defend it.
Respond to the call to come to the meeting of the political forces and public organizations that sympathize.
join a political party or public organization, which is
identical manifestos of your citizenship.Becoming a member, or initiator ideologue of one of these organizations, you will be able to make a contribution to the defense of their beliefs: to develop political strategies feasible to do the work in the party headquarters or to become an activist to work with voters.As a rule, tasks that fall on the shoulders of the newly entered member of the union depends on their social status, education, age and initiatives.So, young people should defend their civil position in the youth departments of large parties.A more mature citizens with a solid civil position will be pleased separation of parties and social movements.
Spend picket if among active movements you can not find like-minded people.The law provides for the right of every citizen of the Russian Federation to hold pickets without the permission of local authorities.On the picket you will be able to distribute their own printed materials, collect signatures and even agitate people for their beliefs.Before picket usually held to inform residents of the village to hold it.This can be done through the media or their own blog page on the Internet, social network profile.
organize their own rally.Under the law, the meeting can be initiated not only by political or public organizations, but also by the initiative group of citizens.Apply to the local authorities, and after its approval, begin informing the population.