history of pacifism

Exploring the history of the world, you can find many ethnic groups who professed pacifism.For example, it is the Moriori people, who inhabited one of the islands of New Zealand in the distant past.He held religious beliefs forbidding war and structures of confrontation.However, the fate of these people was sad: the island landed the Maori tribes who did not have such prohibitions.They could easily enslave the Moriori.

Researchers have also noted one of the branches of Hinduism, Jainism.This religious movement, a pacifist by nature, and it takes an important part in shaping the cultural characteristics of modern India.But not to be confused with Buddhism, Jainism: the la
tter does not imply pacifism.Buddhist monks were often soldiers, and some well-known kinds of struggle and military exercises have been developed precisely in Buddhist monasteries.

first in the history of European pacifists can be called Stoics.Since ancient Greek culture influenced all subsequent European civilization, c can confidently assert that pafitsizm to some extent one of its faces.The Stoics believed that if the show goodwill, it is possible to win the favor of even among the bad and aggressive people, but if you do violence, even good people will turn away from you.

Early Christians also were mostly pacifists, military service but do not blame them.Later, with the organization of the church and the world, especially after the dividing it into Orthodox and Catholic branches, pacifist sentiment showed only individual Christians and of the theological philosophy of the matter and all but disappeared.However, many are constantly emerging branch of the official church advocated pacifism, for example, it was the Cathars, Waldenses, some Franciscan flow, and Hussites.Many prominent people of the past were opposed to military confrontations, including Leo Tolstoy.

Modern pacifists

In today's pacifists very influenced by two bloody wars of the XX century: the first and second world.They killed so many people, how many did not die for all previous wars, which involved mankind throughout its history.

today in words all the world organization and policy professed pacifism.They claim that seek to prevent war and bloodshed by all means.But not all rely on these statements, as the case sometimes the situation is the opposite.

among the public's most famous pacifist hippie movements.This movement, which originated in the 60s, swept the world for about 10 years, its popularity gradually subsided.But the sign hippie - Pacific - is still a symbol of peace and love for one's neighbor.

Modern pacifists believe that the war is by definition can not be a means for solving the conflict.Such definitions as "sacred", "liberation", "legitimate" is not applicable to such word as war.They organize peaceful demonstrations and protests, defending his beliefs nonviolently.