so-called "thieves in law" appeared in the years of Stalinist repression.Of course, the criminals did not have any political motives are cooperated in the community became famous.However, the motive of this consolidation still had to do with power.Thieves-in-law thought that she should make every effort to oppose and be defiant disobedience.

Initially, community members strictly criminal blyuli unwritten tradition that reached the days since pre-revolutionary times.All of them are strictly obeyed hard under special rules.They were many, the most unusual.In addition to the categorical prohibition of cooperation with the authorities in all its forms had other limitations.

For example, the thief-in-law in any case not allowed to have a fami
ly.It was believed that he should devote his life of crime, his comrades, and his wife and children make a person vulnerable, allow to influence it.Today, criminals from this tradition has moved.

Interestingly, during the Great Patriotic War and later the world thieves experienced serious shock.The fact is that quite a few criminal authorities then decided to support the country in the difficult years to her.Some thieves entered the ranks of the Soviet Army and went to the front.

However, other lawyers, strictly observe the ban on cooperation with the government were to disagree.They dubbed apostates "bitches."And when they returned to the area after the victory, the real criminal war broke out between supporters of different camps.It was called "Bitch."

This kingpin - is someone who has a lot of convictions, does not depart from the rules existing in the community, with unquestioned authority in the criminal world.Such people tend to resolve all disputes in a criminal environment in their hands thieves obshchak, control of all kinds of criminal activity, the situation in the colonies and prisons.

Today, however, the community is quite scattered.Go constant redistribution of spheres of influence, fighting various factions.However, the institution still exists and is valid.There are even some thieves in the law that affect the policy, the economy in general, to power.Experts say that Russia is now in these 10 or 15 people.