In wartime mentality of thousands and millions of people, one way or another involved in the war, every day is adversely affected: the war priori puts the human psyche in the border state.Has a negative impact not able to take place as the sneeze itself.To exit from it requires psychological rehabilitation.As a rule, it is rarely, almost never given.Thus, the disease being pushed inward.
Coupled with the massive, aggressive propaganda of the media, for the most part designed for marginalized sectors of the population, but affects and other sectors of society are not able to resist, borderline extends already to the level of total latent psychosis that could negativelyand influence on subsequent gener
ations.Examples of this in the history of many: the state of German society after World War I until the defeat of the Soviet Army in the Afghan war, prisovokupleniem defeat the Soviet Union in the Cold War.Defeated, as a rule, almost always tend to get a rematch, thereby unleashing new wars.
Regardless of where the people during the war - on the front, in the rear of the front lines and the home front, it awake keen senses and instincts are suppressed.And in the first place, of course, out of self-preservation instinct, often come into conflict with the grafted into civilian life moral precepts.
However, the higher level of mental development of the person, the more he is capable of self-sacrifice, the greater his need for the implementation of graft society moral principles.War general pain checks on people's strengths and weaknesses, to humanity and bestiality, pulls out of the most hidden corners of the brain, or build up destructive instincts.It is impossible to predict what might emerge in unexpected situations from the depths of consciousness in each individual.
Examples of this last war, gave a lot.Thus, for example, writes about this in his book served as a mercenary Babchenko, who became a military journalist is after the last Chechen war: "... What killed your brothers donated to the war?Why kill people?Why shoot in goodness, justice, faith, love?Why pressured kids?Bombed women?What the world needed was the girl with the broken head, and next, the zinc out of ammunition - her brain?What for?But no one tells./ ... / Tell me how to die surrounded by checkpoints in August and ninety-six!Tell me how the boy's body twitch when they gets a bullet.Tell us!You survived only because we have died - you owe us!They need to know!Nobody is going to die until he knew what war is! "- And the lines with blood coming one after another, and jammed vodka liter, and death and madness sit with you in an embrace and reformats the handle."
Currently in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities of Ukraine - a country where there are externally imposed military actions - every day people are on the border of the relationship with each other, the war and its consequences.Some of them, out of the ordinary, may not even be the most moral in the peaceful life of citizens has become a renowned warrior: one who unites the nation.As someone, such as in blogger Olena Stepovoy war aroused the writer's gift.Many find private moral satisfaction in volunteer work, including in hospitals: young, mature, older, but not indifferent, they daily, after the main service, come to the hospital and wash floors, wash away lying wounded, talk, feed, soothe relatives at reanimationsupport injured young boys and mature their creativity, as does a Ukrainian actor Alexei Gorbunov.
But there are others - those who are on the other side: after they pull out of the pits disfigured bodies without heads, legs and genitals.They love to pose in front of the broken bodies and brains scattered on the asphalt.After them is not only scorched earth and disfigured body, but also crippled souls.But it was their propaganda, biased by those of personal interests and mental abnormalities waged fratricidal carnage, calling heroes and believe in it, millions - so again the circle closes: the moral justification of evil corrupt replaced.This means that the problems are driven deliberately into future generations is now warring parties are not immune to a new war.
Therefore, despite the fact that it took almost a hundred years, the findings of Pavlov, made in his Nobel lecture, "On the Russian mind" does not cease to be relevant: "Since achieving truth fraught with difficulty andtorments, it is clear that the person eventually has lived in obedience to the truth, learn to deep humility, because he knows that is true.So do we have?We do not, we have the opposite.I appeal directly to the major examples.Take you our Slavophiles.That while Russia has made to the culture?What she showed samples of the world?But people believed that Russia will rub eyes rotten West.Whence this pride and confidence?And do you think that life has changed our views?Not at all!Are we no longer read almost every day that we are the vanguard of humanity!And does not indicate whether it is to what extent we do not know the reality, to what extent we live fantastic! »