Tip 1: For how long is elected president

President of the Russian Federation - is the head of state, supreme commander of the troops.The term for which elected president of the Russian Federation is regulated by the Constitution, adopted in 1993.

Article 81 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation

Article 81 of the Russian Constitution provides information about how long elected president by secret popular vote.Until 2008, the President held his post for 4 years.But during the innings Dmitry Medvedev this period changed to become equal to 6 years.In article 81 of the Russian Constitution was amended accordingly.

When Vladimir Putin was at the highest state authorities of the second period, he did not just put forward a proposal to increase the term of office of the president.It was motivated by the fact that for four years it is impossible to make an objective conclusion about the President, as many projects of socio-economic programs require more time to give the first fruits of his administration. Putin proposed to introduce an
amendment to increase the term of office of the president in some European countries.

first experience of election of the president for 6 years

Putin became the first Russian president, who will hold office for 6 years, from 2012 to 2018. But before changing the term of office of the president was introduced anotherAmendment to the Constitution, which stated about the possibility of changing the term of office of the State Duma and the President.Now I think in one and the same group will meet at four, and five.
President of the Russian Federation can become a citizen, resident in its territory for more than 10 years.There is an age limit - a person must be at least 35 years.The same citizen can be elected for two consecutive terms.In the power of the president is the definition of foreign and domestic policy. President is the representative of the Russian Federation within the country and abroad.

election of president in other countries

In the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Latvia, Iceland's president is elected for 4 years.In most countries of the European Union president to serve his people 5 years.These countries are: Germany, Greece, India.The same presidential term established in Ukraine.Venezuela, Mexico, Austria, Finland - in these countries, the president shall remain in office for 6 years.For 7 years, appointed by the President of Tajikistan, Turkey, Italy, Ireland, Uzbekistan.In most countries, the president elected by the people by means of a secret ballot.But in Germany, Latvia, Turkey, Romania, the parliament appoints the president of the country.The UK does not have such a post.All involved in public affairs Parliament and the Queen Elizabeth reigns but does not rule.It is a symbol of the country and social ideals.

Tip 2: As the elected president

Election of the President of the Russian Federation, held every six years with the help of the voting procedure, which has the right to participate every adult citizen of the country.Elections are held in accordance with articles of this law.
As the elected president
Elections are held throughout the territory and in all regions of the Russian Federation.The procedure is organized by a special body - the Central Election Commission (CEC) of the Russian Federation.Assist in the preparation and processing of votes territorial and precinct election commissions.
election date is announced by the Council of the Federation not later than 90 days.Typically, this day falls on the second Sunday of the month in which the previous elections were held.After the announcement of the date of starting the preparatory phase, during which made the nomination of candidates for the presidency.
For a successful nomination citizen must meet certain requirements, which makes the CEC.Nominee to be a member of a political party that has the right to participate and to nominate members to the election process.The candidate can be an ordinary citizen, who has the support of the initiative group, having the number of at least 500 people.Samovydvizhenets must gather in his support of 100 thousand. Signatures in different regions of the Russian Federation.If the candidate is nominated by a political party that has the right to allocate parliamentary seats, the collection of signatures is not required.
Upon registration must be submitted to the CEC signature lists with voter signatures, document payment printing of signature sheets, the protocol with the results of the signature collection and the list of persons who helped to collect votes.You also need to present a financial report on the campaign.On his decision to register a candidate committee reports within 10 days after filing.
The date assigned by the Federation Council held a vote on a specially-equipped polling stations using anonymous ballots, is a list of running for the presidency.The voter is invited to vote only for one of the listed candidates.The completed ballot citizen falls into the ballot box.
results counted by territorial bodies of the electoral commission and monitored by the CEC.President-Elect - The candidate who receives more than 50% of the votes of all the voters who took part in the procedure.
If the counting process no one passed the 50% threshold, a second stage of voting.It is carried out among the candidates for whom voted most citizens.The whole procedure of the election and the counting of votes is the same as in the first phase.The winner in the elections, the candidate who has voted in the second round a larger number of voters.