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Other items for which convicted people have different terms and a possible parole.The severity of the crime directly affects the period when you can file a petition.Up to two years in prison get citizens for a minor offense from two to five years - for the crimes of medium severity, from five to ten - for serious, more than a dozen - for particularly serious.
When you calculate the time for submission of the application, refer to the maximum penalty, which is provided by the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on this article charges.If you have served at least 1/3 of the sentence for a minor offense, a
t least 1/3 - of moderate severity, at least ½ - for a serious, not less than 2/3 - for serious, you can petition for parole.
there are individuals who are serving life sentences.But if the court recognized that the person has actually served at least 25 years in prison and does not need further prisoners convicted he could be released early.
If a citizen has committed while serving a term of life imprisonment or other grave felony, it is not subject to parole.
See the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation severity articles for serving sentences, and figure out when will the time necessary to the application.For example, you are sentenced to five years under Article 111, paragraph number 1. However, the maximum term of imprisonment under this article is ten years.So, the crime is related to serious.Multiply five years ½, we have two and a half years.That is, after serving this period, you can apply for parole.
citizen who served a sentence of less than six months, is not eligible for parole.
application for parole may submit himself convicted, his legal representative or the administration of the correctional institution.
Remember that you need a response from the administration of the prison or colony, so the place of detention comply with all the rules and in any case do not commit new crimes.