you need
  • - computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
Up to a point, no Russian citizen can not directly ask politicians questions.Now it is possible, in particular, thanks to technological advances.With the help of a computer connected to the Internet, you can visit the site obrascheniya.prezident.rf, where there are several ways of communication with the President of the Russian Federation.To get to the site, log in to the Internet, use any search engine and type in the search box address of the site.
first way to contact the Russian President is, of course, an e-mail.To send it, you need to fill out
a questionnaire and choose the form in which you would like to get an answer.The answer may come to you in electronic form or on your regular mailing address.
addition to the above method of contact with Putin, you can consult the president of Russia with the use of mobile reception, reminiscent of the hot line with the expectation of immediate response.
question about where all the same to send a letter to Putin, concerned not only youth, but also adults, and even the senior citizens of the Russian Federation.Unfortunately, not every one of them has a computer with access to the Internet.There is a special desk of the President of the Russian Federation, which was established in order to be able to send real, real paper letter to the representative of the authorities.It is located at the address: Moscow, Ilinka street, house 23. Postal code - 103132. In the same address, you can come and try to get a personal consultation.However, the application is a personal appointment is made on the website of obrascheniya.prezident.rf and approved or rejected within a few days.