Heroism in the first minutes of the war

the first day of the Great Patriotic War, June 22, 2941, under attack Brest Fortress, which was about 3.5 thousand.Despite the fact that the forces were clearly unequal, the garrison of the Brest fortress defended with honor for a month - until July 23, 1941.While on the issue of the duration of Brest Fortress there is no consensus.

Some historians believe that the defense ended in late June.The reason for the rapid capture of the fortress became a surprise attack by the German army on the Soviet garrison.This is not expected and therefore not prepared, Russian soldiers and officers in the territory of the fortress, were caught by surprise.

The Germans, on the contrary, carefully prepared to capture the old fortress.They practiced every movement on the model created by the images obtained by aerial phot
ography.German leadership understood that with the strengthening of the tanks did not grab, because the emphasis is on infantry.

reasons for the defeat

By June 29-30, the enemy captured virtually all military fortifications, the battle went throughout the garrison.However, defenders of the Brest fortress courageously continued to defend himself, even though they had almost no water and food.
Not surprisingly, in the Brest fortress attacked forces exceeding many times those who were in it.Infantry and two armored divisions applied frontal and flanking attacks on all entrances to the castle.Bombardment warehouses with ammunition, medical supplies, food.Should promote the German shock assault groups.

By 12 pm on June 22 broke the tie and the enemy broke through to the Citadel, but Soviet troops managed to repel the Germans.In the future, the building of the Citadel has repeatedly passed from Russian to Germans.

29-30 June the Germans launched a two-day continuous assault on the Citadel, in which prisoners were Soviet military commanders.Thus, on June 30 called the day of completion of the organized resistance of the Brest Fortress.However, isolated pockets of resistance, surprisingly Germans appeared, according to some estimates, up to August 1941.No wonder Hitler brought to the Brest Fortress Mussolini to show with any serious enemy he has to fight.
some Soviet officers and soldiers managed to break through to the partisans in the Bialowieza Forest, while others were taken prisoner, where officers were immediately shot.Most of the defenders were killed simply for them the war ended in the early hours and days of the Great War.

Despite the defeat, which suffered the defenders of the Brest Fortress, for the month, which they kept the defense, failed to prepare the country for war.