admitted his guilt.Do this for ourselves.If you - a believer, pleaded guilty before God.It is important to calm down and not to look for excuses.What happened is in the past.It is not necessary for life itself is now executed.It is better to think about what the findings will help to prevent this in the future.We must stand up and move on.In the life of all benefit more from a person who tends to edification, and not self-destruction.
Correct all you can.Your action or inaction resulted in certain consequences.Think about what can be immediately corrected.Smashed cup - go and buy a new one.No money - write a note holder cup that buy it later.The
main thing that you immediately started to build a new life.
Make a list of what you've fixed.Add the points that do not know how to fix it.The list is very important.Looking at it, you get confidence.Not all of the effects you can correct yourself.Something did not manage to fix it.Make all of these moments in a separate partition on your list, with the necessary explanations.
Display a list of those who can punish you.This - the most difficult step.But you've already done so much, that nowhere to retreat.Be firm.In human life often forgiven because he pleaded guilty and began to mend.You've done everything you need, do not stop now.